The words above are the definition of the word “flicker.” I think we all feel like this sometimes. We are just trying to shine our beam out into the world.  We try to soldier on, but we are not always so sure in our actions. We push ahead, but sometimes we are unsteady, and we waver.

Welcome to “The Flicker Project” a platform to provide support, share, grow, and lift people so that your flicker can grow into a steady beam.

I was inspired to start pulling this platform together after my mother Roslyn Lister died in 2017. I found myself realizing the only way I was going to pick myself and remember my mother was to try and look for the light.

I’ve always been someone with a positive outlook. However, I started to see that there was such a negative ennui that had descended over all the media. It began to creep into discussions I had with people as we talked about the latest negative story that came towards us, and I started to find my outlook wasn’t so positive.

However, when a flicker of light, that hopeful story or action came into my view, It gave me a real lift. I started to think, as someone who has also always wanted to help people, can I help people by turning attention on the light? I feel the answer is yes. People need light in their life. People need joy.

I hope to find a way to do that here. So please share the stories you see here, tell me your story, buy the merchandise. Let’s start a kindness revolution.

The Happy Mail The Flicker Project




I have a desire to help. I always have. With every job I’ve ever had, it has had some element to it where I was helping people. It’s been never enough. I always desired to give more. This platform is my chance to fulfill that desire.

I do think those desires formed from my upbringing. I grew up with a father who both struggled with alcoholism and yet had a desire to give back to his community. My mother was profoundly compassionate and was a warm light to be around.  When I lost her in 2017, I was inspired to start pulling this platform together. I found myself realizing the only way I was going to pick myself and honour my mom was trying to make a positive change in the world.

I started to know the idea of this platform might be something as I started sharing with people my plan and getting emotional responses. I hope maybe I am onto something. Maybe people will resonate with the stories contained here. I hope that maybe, kindness is revolutionary.

While you peruse this platform, I hope you find something that you connect. I hope it all provides a little comfort, and makes you feel a bit better, inspires you to realize that you can dream higher.

I’d love to hear from you, and I hope you’ll tell me your stories, and maybe you’ll share them on “The Flicker Project.”

Just email me at brad@theflickerproject.com

Talk to you soon my new friend

Brad Lister

Chief Flicker Catcher

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