4 years ago my life completely changed. I had a full-time career as a high school teacher that I absolutely loved, was just going back to work after my 3rd mat leave and had 3 little boys at home, that my life revolved around. I also had a small side business that brought in a little extra money, gave me something creative to fulfill the entrepreneurial side of me and was just something that I did for fun because I loved it. My life was right on track, and I was happy.

And then one night, while listening to Christmas tunes while driving home – I was hit by a transport truck on the highway. This sent me into a tailspin, which resulted in 3 more collisions {none of which I remember} and ultimately left my car head-on in the cement median. All I really remember is standing on the side of the highway, and feeling my limbs and wondering how I was still in one piece.

It actually took me 2 days to realize that something was wrong intellectually, as well as physically. Words started to slip from my brain, I could no longer add simple numbers {and I was a math teacher, so this was slightly disturbing} and the headaches were starting to occupy every waking second. 2 more days and I was diagnosed with a concussion. The last 4 years have been a mash-up of specialist appointments, daily pain management and just trying to survive and put on a happy face for my young family and my boys.

I have never been in a classroom again. The path of my life was completely changed …but in some ways, I would never change what happened because I have found so much through the struggles and the pain. I have found a more supportive husband, I have taught my children empathy, I have found what I truly need in life to be happy …and I have built a business, around a different life, that I am incredibly proud of.

In the year after my accident, I could barely leave my house …some days I couldn’t even leave my bed. Everyone {especially my husband} encouraged me to let go of my business, and to focus on my healing. But for me, and I have never been able to accurately explain this to anyone, my healing was someone attached to my business. It was the one place in my life, where I was still myself, where I wasn’t damaged and struggling. Where I wasn’t constantly being asked

“how I am feeling”

and given advice on who to see next, and what to try next. If I am honest, I held onto my business for dear life, because letting go of it, would have felt like losing the last part of myself that felt like ME.

So, I focused what small amount of time I could every day on building a personal business, and on helping other women {and a few good men} do the same. I took pride in what I could do and was able to find a pace that worked with my health issues. Some days I can do more than others, but every single day I love what I do, and feel blessed to be able to do something/anything. It might not be what I had pictured for my life, but in some ways, it is more.

Today I have a multi 6-figure Network Marketing Business, am a top Leader in the company, have earned 4 all-expense-paid trips to different places in the world and love what I do. I am still struggling with daily pain, but I have found a rhythm that allows me to be the kind of mom that I want to be most days, while also more than contributing to my family. More than that, my hope is that I can be a model of what is possible in life, if you just show up. If you focus on what you CAN do, over what you cannot, and you believe in yourself.

I may not be changing the world, but my hope is that I am helping to change some people’s worlds. From the women whom I mentor, to the lives of my beautiful children. When we focus on being grateful for what we have in life, we will always have and always be enough. I will likely never be the same person I was on November 28th, 2015 again, but my hope is that in some ways, I am now more.