To burn unsteadily; shine with a wavering light.

That is the definition of flicker.

You may feel like that about yourself sometimes.  We try to soldier on but we are not always so sure in our actions. We push ahead but sometimes we are unsteady and we waver. 

This is “The Flicker Project” a platform to provide support, share, grow and lift each other up so that your flicker can grow into a steady beam.

I was inspired to start pulling this platform together after my mother Roslyn Lister died in 2017. I found myself realizing the only way I was really going to pick myself and remember my mother was to try and look for the light. 

I’ve always been someone with a positive outlook but really I started to see that there was such a negative divisive ennui that had descended over all media. It started to creep into discussions I had with people as we talked about the latest negative story that came towards us and I started to find my outlook wasn’t so positive. 

However, when a flicker of light, that hopeful story or action came into my view, It gave me a real lift.  I started to think, as someone who has also always wanted to help people, can I help people by turning attention on the light? I really feel the answer is yes. People need light in their life. People need joy. 

I hope to find a way to do that here.